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In our previous posts, we informed you about the different services that we provide to our customers: our lovely spacious and sleek estate vehicle for an extremely comfortable ride, or our super-sized eight passenger mini-bus with mountains of luggage space. The next service I want to tell you about is our awesome wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). At Hinton Cars, we very often have travel requests from our local customers who are either unable to climb in and out of a vehicle, or find it more comfortable to ride in their wheelchair. With this in mind, two years ago, Zoe and I purchased a 5-door Citreon Berlingo wheelchair accessible vehicle. The Citreon Berlingo was produced to meet European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) specifications to guarantee safety and quality. When you book a taxi, airport or cruise service with us and inform us that you require our WAV, we arrive at your home and immediately prepare the car for your safe access . Entrance to the vehicle is from the rear and we either assist you up our low level ramp into the heart of the car or you can complete the manouevre yourself. The vehicle has plenty of headroom and fits one wheelchair plus one extra passenger, so for our customers with carers or helpful friends this provides assurance and convenience. We then ensure that the chair is properly secured in the vehicle using the fitted front and rear safety belts whilst providing our usual Hinton Cars personal friendly service. This usually takes just under 5 minutes to complete and then we are on our way. So, why not give us a call to find out more about the service and book your next journey with us. We will be very happy to meet you. Thank you for reading this and please watch our video below as we take you through the features of our vehicle. We hope to hear from you soon. Best Wishes Allen and Zoe, Hinton Cars
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