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Welcome to our Hinton cars Blog for December 2019.


Hello and welcome to the Hinton Cars Airport and Cruise Transfer blog for December 2019. If you’r new to our blog we always try to fill them with new news, offers and our outstanding competition that started right here with Hinton Cars.

So, now we are on our 15th winner of our great airport/cruise transfers competition, we wanted to inform you that we don’t discriminate with our competition whether you’re a new or existing client.

Our aim is to make as many winners as possible, and to say thank you for using and relying on Hinton cars for your airport/cruise transfer. So, weather your new or existing or if you’re from the New Milton or Christchurch or Ringwood and surrounding areas you all have a chance to win.

Our latest winner is Mrs Paskins who will be travelling from Heathrow to Highcliffe. Congratulations to her and to all our winners in 2019. Will it be you next year?

How to Enter

All you have to do to enter our airport/cruise transfer competition is book by the last day of the previous month at 18:00 and we will pick a winner at random.

There will be a slight change to how we announce the competition. We have found it a little hard to make sure we pick a winner and then announce it on social media by 18:30 that evening specially if I am out on a job. So what we will do is pick a winner after 18:00 on the last day and announce the winner by social media by 09:00 on the first of every month. And by the blog on the 1st of every month sometime in the morning when it can be published by my awesome website guy.

I am not sure what has happened over the last month, but for some reason clients have been booking return bookings at the time their flight takes off and not at the time it lands at the airport ready for us to pick them up!

Some have even booked the day before their flight is due to land if they are on an over night flight. We then have found they have not checked the confirmation with there flight paperwork?

This does cause a very big issue for us because obviously we do take other bookings we need to cover and makes it hard to cover any booking if they have been booked wrong.

We will always do our best to make sure we don’t let clients down but it has been hard to do this on occasions and this means we have to ask  other companies to help us cover our clients journeys.

Please make sure you check your flight details with the confirmations we send and let us know if they do not match up and we will sort it out as quickly as we can. iIf you do not do this we can not guarantee that we can still pick you up! However, if this is not our mistake the full payment will still be applicable. We do track flights, but unfortunately, as many flights are scheduled daily flights if you pick the wrong day we wont know until you land and we will have turned up to pick you up.


Terms and conditions
I have nearly finished the start of our terms and conditions they will be on the website this month. Please bear in mind we will be adding more content as and when we feel it is necessary. So, please keep an eye on them to stay up to date.


So, it is the season to be jolly and we would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas from all the team at Hinton cars. There will be a very limited service between 18:00 Christmas eve and 07:00 on the 28th of December due to obviously the team spending time with the family. So, if you need a taxi between these times please book ASAP as when the bookings are full am sorry we wont be able to help.

The end

Thank you for looking out our December blog and myself and the team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Phone: 01425276888

Email: enquiries@hintoncars.co.uk

As well as our social media platforms. 


Terms & Conditions

The competition prize is not transferable it can only be used with Hinton cars. Hinton cars reserves the right to discontinue the competition at any time. The winner will be picked at random by a Hinton cars team member or a person affiliated with Hinton cars. Please read our privacy policy on our website. The draw will be on the last day of each month after 18:00 (6pm). Each winner must have a photo or a video taken receiving their prize as part of promoting the competition. The booking must be made by 18:00 (6pm) of the previous month you are traveling in to enter the draw. You can enter by phone call email or our booking system on our website. Local journeys are not included in this draw. Please note that not all uk airports and docks are included in this competition. Airports included in this competition are Bournemouth, Southampton, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Exeter, Bristol, Docks included are Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Dover. Please note extras such as parking at airport or the docks are still payable. Please note this is a single trip prize only. So, if you have booked a return you will only get one way free not both. If you have only booked a single journey that whole journey will be free.


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