Avoid Any Scary Surprises in October with Hinton Cars!

Avoid Any Scary Surprises in October with Hinton Cars!

Welcome to our Hinton cars Blog for October 2019.


Hello and welcome to our Hinton cars airport and cruise transfer blog October 2019. If this is the first time you have joined us, then we wish you an extra warm welcome and hopefully many happy returns!


Airport/Cruise transfer competition

As you all know (unless this is your first time reading one of our blogs), we hold a monthly airport/cruise transfer competition. You can enter this competition just by booking with us by the end of the previous month you are meant to travel. So, if you’re travelling in November, you need to book by the end of October (18:00) before we pick a winner during the evening on the last day of every month.

SO for this month I am happy to announce that our winner is Mrs Butcher going from Highcliffe to Gatwick!

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your free transfer! As always we will try to get a picture of the winners to update our blog and social media pages.

T&C’s will be at the bottom of the blog page.


Thomas Cook

Unfortunately, as many of you will know, Thomas Cook have gone bust. We know that this has caused a lot of stress to many of you and we are doing our best to accommodate changes/alterations to your booking. We’ve checked our bookings and anyone who was due to fly with Thomas Cook should have been contacted. However, if you have booked a transfer with us and you were booked with Thomas Cook and we have not contacted you, please get in touch so we can sort out your booking with us as quickly as possible.  We do appreciate that the taxi is probably the least of your concerns, so therefore we want to help you get it sorted as early as possible so there is no extra last-minute stress on you. Thank you.


New Car

I have recently purchased a new Hyundai i40 in black, it’s a very nice car and I’m ecstatic to be able to add it to the force!  I already owned one so that just tempted my dad into buying one! It’s not plated yet but I hope to have it plated and up and ready to go by the 1st of November. The sooner the better, as the current one I have has done over 300,000 miles, eek! Keep an eye out for new fleet pictures!



As weather has started to show its ugly side and winter is now fast approaching, please allow a little extra time for your journeys. If the weather is bad, please don’t be surprised if we call you the day before or even on the day of your booking recommending you leave earlier. I know most clients don’t like to go to early and I do understand that, but bad weather has a bad habit of causing accidents and bad traffic. So yes, we might contact you but its only because we have your safety in mind and we don’t want you to miss your flight. So please, be patient with us if you decide not to go earlier then we will respect your wishes!

Have a Great October

It’s now time for me to say good bye. if you have any questions about the blog please send us an email. I hope you have a great October, from myself and the team at Hinton cars, stay safe and goodbye!


Phone: 01425276888

Email: enquiries@hintoncars.co.uk

As well as our social media platforms. 

Terms & Conditions

The competition prize is not transferable it can only be used with Hinton cars. Hinton cars reserves the right to discontinue the competition at any time. The winner will be picked at random by a Hinton cars team member or a person affiliated with Hinton cars. Please read our privacy policy on our website. The draw will be on the last day of each month after 18:00 (6pm). Each winner must have a photo or a video taken receiving their prize as part of promoting the competition. The booking must be made by 18:00 (6pm) of the previous month you are traveling in to enter the draw. You can enter by phone call email or our booking system on our website. Local journeys are not included in this draw. Please note that not all uk airports and docks are included in this competition. Airports included in this competition are Bournemouth, Southampton, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Exeter, Bristol, Docks included are Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Dover. Please note extras such as parking at airport or the docks are still payable. Please note this is a single trip prize only. So, if you have booked a return you will only get one way free not both. If you have only booked a single journey that whole journey will be free.


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