A Helping Hand From Hinton Cars In 2018

Welcome to our website, we’re glad you decided to take the time to learn what we can offer you and what we are about.

Focusing on airport and cruise transfers in 2018, our staff at Hinton Cars will be striving to become a major part of the local community. To achieve this, we have decided to fine tune the services we already offer, allowing you the luxury of deciding exactly what you want from us, and how you wish to be treated.

So please, read on to see what we can offer you if you decide to come with us on our journey through 2018!

We’d love to encapsulate everything you desire from your local taxi business, so we have carefully crafted a few guidelines in which we promise to adhere to in the coming year and which we believe represents us as a company….

  • There’s nothing worse than dealing with a difficult person on the end of the line when all you want is a quick and efficient service. That’s why we at Hinton Cars prioritise above all else our ability to make your lives easier. The most important thing to us is the need for your experience with Hinton Cars to be hassle free, that’s why our staff are trained to carefully calculate your request and process it without any added hassle. Don’t believe us? Give us a call and find out…
  • Whilst we recognise the need for efficiency, we also understand that you want your wishes to be noted and understood. This consists of honouring any other requests you may have, whilst providing you with any unique information we might have, in terms of routes and traffic updates.
  • We know how frustrating it can be to have a taxi arrive late, or not even turn up at all. That’s why we at Hinton Cars will ensure we send confirmation texts out to every customer that books with us and call a couple of days before if its pre-booked, providing you with constant updates regarding the time and location of your vehicle. This extends to airport services, we will always text the customer to tell them that we have arrived and are waiting for them. Of course, on the extremely rare occasion that there might be a problem, we will of course endeavour to do everything we can to make sure the issue is rectified, and you are happy with your service.
  • When we said we care about our customers, we were telling the truth. That’s why we try to offer you, our customers, with the mini luxury of a small water bottle for hour long journeys and over. We also make sure that our vehicles come equipped with the New Milton Advertiser newspaper, to provide a touch of light reading if you fancy it. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with any additional booster or car seats, however we recognise that some people might find it necessary to bring their own. That’s why we offer you our services in storing these seats whilst you are on holiday, we will even go as far as to returning them to you afterwards, free of charge.
  • We believe that it goes without saying that we offer wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) to our customers, with no additional charges for usage and for the time taken to enter and depart the vehicle.
  • We don’t want you to lift a finger while you are with us, and that’s why all our drivers insist on collecting and removing luggage to and from the car as required, so you don’t have to.
  • Here at Hinton Cars, we want our drivers to represent our ethos as a company. Therefore, we can assure you that our drivers will be dressed in a smart and formal manner and will conduct themselves accordingly. All our drivers are carefully monitored and assessed on a regular basis, to ensure they are still performing their duties to the highest standards. This includes maintaining the safety and cleanliness of their respective vehicles, ensuring you feel comfortable and secure throughout the entirety of your journey.
  • As we expand our business, our primary goal is to keep intact our goals and promises outlined here today.
Hinton Cars has 4 years’ experience under its belt, and with your help we plan to continue that experience and keep succeeding in everything we do.

Where would you like to go? We cover all of these UK mainland airports and ports plus many more…

Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport
Southampton Docks

Convinced? We certainly hope so.

Give us a call on 01425276888 or contact us through e-mail to find out how we can help you. We also have booking enquiry forms on our website if you wished to proceed that way.

We thank you greatly for your time, and we hope to see you soon.

Allen and the team

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