Hinton Cars – An exclusive 10% off deal you cannot refuse

Why choose Hinton Cars this September?

Enjoy our Special Offer 10% off for new customers until September 30th at Hinton Cars.

Hinton Cars – Airport and Cruise Taxi Services

At Hinton cars we are always looking at how we can make our services better for our customers so you would choose our airport, cruise and local services instead of any other company.

We understand getting a taxi to the airport is not always the cheapest option so we have come up with this 10% off deal which we hope will make using our airport and cruise transfers’ service more appealing and affordable to all our new customers.

If you have not already used our services we are offering 10% off for new customers. To be awarded this deal new customers will need to like and share our Facebook Page and will have to have a confirmed booking going to any of the following airports/cruise terminals during September 2017

Birmingham Airport   Bournemouth Airport  Bristol Docks
Bristol Airport   Exeter Airport   Dover Docks
Gatwick Airport   Heathrow Airport   Portsmouth Docks
Luton Airport   Southampton Airport   Southampton Docks
Stansted Airport


New Customers need to:

  • Like and Share our Facebook Page
  • Phone or E-mail us with their booking
  • Quote 10% off deal
  • So why not tell your family and friends to take advantage of this fantastic offer in September?

    We already have lots of our customers recommending our services and are constantly praised regarding the approach we take to serving both our new and existing customers.
    So, for September 2017, we decided we wanted to reward all new customers with a great deal in the hopes that once you’ve travelled with us, you will want to travel with us again. We are building a great client base so we hope to attract as many new customers as possible. So, if you know that one of your friends and family is looking to travel to the airport or the docks and have not used us before then let them know about this great offer today. You know they will not be disappointed.

    If you would like to know more about this offer or any of our other offers or services you can follow us on Facebook by clicking on the like button on our Facebook page or you can contact us on 01425 276888.

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    Allen & Zoe

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